Inline Edge-Trim Recycler

We designed our JC-EcoTrim inline edge-trim pelletizing unit in response to the global and industry demands for efficient green technology. The EcoTrim works inline to reclaim edge-trim, a byproduct of the blown film extrusion process, by re-heating, re-extruding, and pelletizing it for re-use. The EcoTrim reduces material waste, labor costs, power consumption, and processing time, making it an invaluable addition to any mid- to large-scale blown film extrusion line.

Technical Data

MODEL Applicable Materials Screw Diameters (mm) Input Film Width (mm) Input Film Thickness (mm) Pelletizing Capacity (kg/hr)
JC-ECO TRIM80 LDPE / LLDPE / HDPE 80 / 80 25 - 100 0.02 - 0.15 30 - 40
Inline Edge-Trim Recycler for HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE

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