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PLASCO has built its position as one of the leading monofilament extrusion lines manufacturer to the global market. For more than three decades, PLASCO has being manufacturing comprehensive range of monofilament extrusion lines, providing technical solution in the field of PP, HDPE, PA, and PET monofilament production.

From standard monofilament lines, to customized line for flagged, crimped monofilament with different monofilament profile and diameter from Ø 0.10 to Ø 0 5.00 mm for all domestic application in packaging, agriculture, and fishery, to lines tailored for specific requirement for industrial and medical application, PLASCO offers the complete spectrum of possibilities.

PLASCO offers technologies, innovation, and knowhow providing our customers reliable and extremely efficient monofilament production to facilitate the ever-demand requirement of all market sectors. We are proud of being your innovative monofilament extrusioneers, and our commitment is your success.

End Products

Jenn Chong to Plasco Engineering Inc. is your competent partner for wide range of plastic extrusion lines with over 30 years of experience worldwide.