What sets us apart.

Since our founding in 1986, we have developed countless innovations, expanded our facilities, and built lifelong business partnerships around the world. Amidst our rapid growth and evolution, we have identified eight ever-persisting values that have defined us as the global leader of the plastic extrusion industry.

Our position as a global leader of the plastic extrusion industry is defined by our unwavering adherence to our core values in all aspects of our business operations. 


As your innovative extrusioneers, our chief responsibility is to add value to your business. We do this by carefully listening to you, understanding the unique needs of your business, and working with you to develop personalized solutions to meet those needs.


As an organization whose success is largely attributed to our industry-leading innovation, we have developed a strong culture of philomathy. We believe that every experience presents a valuable learning opportunity that can be leveraged into continued innovation, allowing us to maximize the value we add to your businesses.


We work tirelessly to lead the global plastic extrusion industry with our capability to add value to your business by tailoring the most innovative, efficient, and reliable plastic extrusion technology in the world to the specific needs of your business.

We pride ourselves on our uncompromising dedication to industry-leading safety standards. We apply these standards across all phases of our business because above all else, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our team, suppliers, and business partners, alike.

We believe in leading both our community and the global plastic extrusion industry through initiative; we always stand up for what is right, speak out when something is wrong, and give back to our community by sponsoring several local charities and educational outreach programs.

We maximize the value added to your business by tailoring the most efficient and reliable plastic extrusion lines available on the market to your specific business needs—on time, every time.


We have reduced our ecological footprint by implementing a comprehensive recycling program, outfitting our manufacturing facility with a solar array, and through continued improvements to the energy efficiency of our extrusion lines.

We forge lifelong relationships, based on trust, integrity, and the consistent delivery of industry-leading business solutions, with all of our business partners. We welcome you to join the PLASCO family today and sincerely look forward to serving your business needs.