Vision & Value

With more than 30 years on the market, our vision and value have clearly defined, provide direction to our performance and everything we conduct, and how we interact with our colleagues, business partners, and customers, which are the key foundation to our years of success
Our success as an individual and as an organization depends on how consistently we dedicated to these values in our everyday performance every step of the way.
Openness, Communication, Customer Focus & Partnership
Understanding each individual customer’s unique needs, the ability to listen carefully and the pursuit to find a joint solution. We continuously challenge ourselves to add value to customer’s business, using internal and external insights to guide our technology development, and shape the solution we bring to them.

Learning & Improvement
Continuous learning and improvement to develop our full potential as individual and as an organization. With our focus on sustainability, we should all be eager to learn, and to share our knowledge and experience with one another, from which we anticipate a direct positive impact on our ultimate success.

Excellence & Expertise
Continuous pursuit for excellence, work with motivation and innovation. Knowing business performance with passion, to offer engineering innovation solutions that meet customer’s need, and to provide unparalleled global market service and support.

Individual Value & Integrity
As a leader in the industry, we place ourselves to the highest ethical standard, apply the same principle in our day-to-day performance, and are committed to the health and safety of all our colleagues, business partner, and customers.

The ability to lead, act and take responsible for our duty and our business. Courage stand for what is right, speak up when something is wrong and make right decision for the long-term goods of the company.

We aim to generate the maximum benefit for customer, delivering performance on time, every time.

We act with foresight, recognize opportunity, and take responsibility for our future generation as we take full commitment to ecological, economical, and social sustainability.

We believe open cooperation lead to mutual benefit. We work in an open and trusting relationship, gaining and keeping trust with all company staff, business partner, suppliers and customers as one big family, to which we interconnect with honesty, transparency and enthusiasm.