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Tape / Fibrillated Tape / Twine Extrusion Line

As one of our first product offerings, we have been developing and incorporating increasingly innovative advancements into our tape and twine extrusion lines for over 30 years. By following industry demands, listening to customer feedback, and utilizing electrical and mechanical components from the world’s leading suppliers, we can produce the most innovative, efficient, and reliable tape and twine solutions in the industry.


Our tape and twine extrusion lines offer value to a wide variety of industries by processing either PP or HDPE into intermediate or final goods, such as woven and knitted bags, tarpaulin, netting, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), baler twine, cable filler, carpet backing, synthetic grass, tying tape, and twisted twine.

End Products

From Jenn-Chong to PLASCO, we have been global industry leaders of the plastic industry since our founding in 1986! As your innovative extrusioneers, it is our mission to forge lifelong business partnerships around the world by creating and delivering the most innovative, efficient, and reliable extrusion solutions in the industry.