JC-SPET Series

PET Strapping Band Line

The JC-SPET Series PET Strapping Band Extrusion Line designed with advanced technology make it possible to process treated 100% PET bottle flakes and covert into a value-add PET polyester straps, possess good tensile and break strengh comparable with steel band, and is commonly used for medium to heavy load packing such as bricks, ceramic tile, cotton bale, lumber, and other industrial uses.

Technical Data

MODEL Applicable Material Screw Diameter Strap Width Extrusion Capacity Strap No.
JC-SPET75 PET,rPET(IV>0.73; dew point -40°C) Ø 75 mm 9 - 19 mm 150 kg/hr 2~1
JC-SPET90   Ø 90 mm 9 - 19 mm 200 kg/hr 4~2
JC-SPET100 PET,rPET(IV>0.73; dew point -40°C) Ø 100 mm 9 - 19 mm 300 kg/hr 6~4
JC-SPET120   Ø 120 mm 9 - 19 mm 450 kg/hr 8~6


Cotton Bale
Brick Strap
Lumber Strap
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