JC-FYB Series

Fibrillated Tape Line

The JC-FYB series Fibrillated Tape extrusion line is designed to produce fibrillated tape and heavy duty fibrillated tape for wide product range, such as baler twine, insulated cable filler, carpet backing, and other technical application such as synthetic grass.

Technical Data

MODEL Applicable Material Extruder Tape Denier Working Width Extrusion Capacity
JC-FYB85   Ø 85 mm 3000 - 35000D 800 mm 120 kg/hr
JC-FYB100 PP / HDPE Ø 100 mm 3000 - 35000D 1000 mm 200 kg/hr
JC-FYB110   Ø 110 mm 3000 - 35000D 1200 mm 300 kg/hr


Cable Filler
Baler Twine
  • Tape Extrusion Line
  • Fibrillated Tape Extrusion Line

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