JC-ABA Series

ABA Multilayer Blown Film Line

JC-ABA Series ABA - 3 layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film is the ultimate solution producing high quality film at lower production cost.

The ABA 3 layer co-extrusion line consist two high performance extruders with a 3 layer ABA co-extrusion die head. The outer layer is dominantly with virgin materials, and the core layer with large percentage of CaCo3 or in-house recycled pellets material.

Further the ABA 3 layer film structure also persist higher strength characteristic than conventional monolayer film, which overall gives an advantage to the competitive market.

Technical Data

MODEL Applicable Material Film Layflat Width Film Thickness Extrusion Capacity Screw Diameter
JC-ABA900 HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE 800 mm 0.015 - 0.10 mm 100 kg/hr Ø 45 / Ø 55
JC-ABA1100   1000 mm 0.015 - 0.10 mm 160 kg/hr Ø 50 / Ø 55
JC-ABA1300   1200 mm 0.015 - 0.10 mm 250 kg/hr Ø 55 / Ø 75


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