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PLASCO is well recognized as a technology engineering company offering the highest competence in supplying state-of-the-art strapping band extrusion line to the plastic and packaging industry worldwide.

From the standard PP strapping line configuration to the technical PET strapping line set up. For both embossed or non-embossed, hand grade and automatic strapping grade with different thickness from narrow to standard gauge, or customized heavy gauge strap, PLASCO strapping band extrusion line has the solution offering a combination of efficient, reliable, and great performance that ensures, ensures the least investment compared with its high productivities in order to facilitate the ever-demand requirement of various industry application.

PLASCO strapping band extrusion line is the most flexible strapping band extrusion line at the forefront of the market providing technical solution in the field of straps production to all international packaging standards and guarantees:
  • Production of straps to all international standard for packaging and other industrial and commercial usage.
  • Wide range of production capability from 80kg/hour up to 400 kg/hour.
  • Premium machine grade strap quality.
  • Low energy consumption.

End Products

Jenn Chong to Plasco Engineering Inc. is your competent partner for wide range of plastic extrusion lines with over 30 years of experience worldwide.