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Ri-Thai International: A Culture of Innovation

With over 30 extrusion lines operating across its global production facilities, Taoyuan, Taiwan-based Ri-Thai International is one of the largest, most innovative manufacturers in any industry in the world today. Perhaps the most crowning achievement for this pioneer of modern textiles was the company’s innovation and development of monofilament-based zippers and hook-and-loop fasteners over 40 years ago!
While PLASCO was merely an idea when Ri-Thai brought those products to the market, we were up for the challenge when Ri-Thai was committed to expanding its high-quality production in 2017!
To accommodate Ri-Thai’s unique production, we customized our JC-MNN35 monofilament extrusion lines with a dual-stretching system, which is capable of simultaneously generating up to 160 individual 50-micron PA / PET monofilament fibers.
The case of Ri-Thai proves that no matter how unique your production requirements may be, PLASCO’s team of innovative extrusioneers is always up to the task of creating your ideal extrusion solution!

Fact data

Country: TAIWAN
Year Installed: 2017
Applications: ZIPPER