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Euronete: Leading in a Competitive Sea

As a proud member of WireCo WorldGroup’s family of brands, Maia, Portugal-based Euronete is an undisputed titan of the global fishing and aquaculture industries.


Euronete demands that all of its upstream production equipment offer industry-leading degrees of production quality, efficiency, and reliability to both uphold and raise the global standards set by the company's industrial ropes and nets. To most extrusion equipment manufacturers, those production attributes are mutually exclusive, with the simultaneous incorporation of two being achievable by the industry’s premium manufacturers. For PLASCO, however, machinery exhibiting all three is an uncompromising standard.


That’s why, in 2018, PLASCO was tasked with developing an extrusion line to support the Euronete's world-renowned industrial rope production. Our innovative extrusioneers designed a customized variant of our JC-MNP90Z monofilament extrusion lines, featuring an extended working width, a second stretching oven, a continuous filter screen-changer, a gravimetric dosing system, and our in-house, industry-best HMI.


This cutting-edge production line, now at home in Portugal, is currently producing up to 130 kg per hour of the high-tenacity (>10.5 GPD) filaments used in Euronete's industrial rope production.


No matter how demanding your extrusion needs may be, PLASCO’s innovative extrusioneers are always up to the challenge!

Fact data

Country: Portugal
Years Installed: 2018
Applications: Danline Rope
Lines Installed: JC-MND90 Danline Monofilament Line